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Kusinegro Catering Gains Social Media Attention With Savvy Name Change


Kusinegro Catering Gains Social Media Attention With Savvy Name Change


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Kusinegro Catering Events and Services, located in Pampanga, gained social media stir after netizens noticed the distinctive business name following a change in its Facebook profile picture last February.

Even though the update happened months ago, the post continued to catch people’s attention thus expressing their opinions and reactions to the business name in the comment section.

As the catering services introduced their new logo, featuring a dark-skinned chef, netizens began to share their thoughts regarding the changes that happened.

Posted in their Facebook page, Kusinegro stated, “We’re excited to share this fresh new look, fresh new ideas and fresh new beginnings. We’re growing, and this is a sign of it.”

Some netizens disagreed and were unhappy with the playword used as “Kusinegro” includes the term “negro,” which is deemed offensive, particularly in the United States, as it is viewed as a derogatory slur aimed at African Americans or individuals with darker skin tones.

In the Philippines, “Negritos” pertain to indigenous groups who are known for their short height, curly hair, and dark complexion.

Amidst some criticisms from users, the catering service shared clients’ positive feedback on their Facebook page, whether unknowingly it’s a response about the buzz on their business name or not.

Despite various opinions, Kusinegro Catering Services and Events continue to serve their customers in bringing fulfillment and joy through their amazing dishes.

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